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Kitchen Design and a “Work Triangle”

When planning and designing your new kitchen, always consider the “work triangle” which is a theory that positions the sink, refrigerator and stove in a triangle, to make the most efficient use of the space in the kitchen.

For easy and intuitive kitchen design, you’ll want to figure the points of the triangle to be the sink, refrigerator and stove, with about four to nine feet between each point.

Experts say that if there is less than four feet between those points, the space is too cramped to work. If the distance is more than nine feet, the result is a waste of energy and time, due to the increased amount of walking from point to point.

The “work triangle” is a popular design guide in both new construction and kitchen remodeling projects.

The points of the triangle do not need to be the same size, and sometimes the points do not form a triangle at all. For example, if all of the counters and appliances are on one wall, it’s important to consider the distance between the sink, refrigerator and stove. Keep that space between four and nine feet.

In a larger kitchen, or one with an L-shaped layout, an island feature may be included. The island could have the stovetop, to complete the triangle. Islands can also be used in kitchens with inefficient designs. They add countertop work space, seating and storage.

In larger kitchens, it’s possible to create two or more work triangles, with additional sinks and different appliances for different types of cooking. It’s increasingly popular, for example, to create separate areas in the kitchen for baking or for grilling. A baking area, for example, might be designed in a way that makes the oven a point in the triangle. If this is the case, access to the cook top or range should be considered as well.

For open floor plan homes, it’s important to consider the work triangle’s location. For example, if a kitchen leads directly to a dining or living room area, it’s important to keep traffic away from the work area.

Thinking creatively while using the work triangle as a basis can help you design a kitchen that is functional, efficient and comfortable.

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