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Kitchen Renovations in South Lyon

Are you tired of the looks of your current kitchen? Do you need a change due to a lack of space in this room? Well you’ve come to the right place because you’re going to learn a lot about kitchen renovations.

A renovation is what will create more space. New cabinetry, for example, will open up the kitchen for other things. There lots of cabinetry options today. Some come as custom ordered as other ones are general cabinets that also look great.


Three Main Types of Kitchen Cabinetry:

  • Semi – custom – These are a combination of both custom & stocked models. They do offer flexibility in the kitchen. They are always built to suit and meet the needs of any homeowner.
  • Shop-built – There is nothing like a locally built cabinet. Just knowing that your kitchen is stocked with local wooden cabinets should bring peace of mind.
  • Stock – These have a good, durable finish to them. Well worth the investment as they are the most affordable type.

How are you going to see which fine china to pull out for your dinner guests without proper cabinet lighting. These types of lights are privy to all homes in South Lyon. Without them, you couldn’t see to do the dishes nor could you locate your dinnerware.


Types of Cabinet Lighting:

  • Fluorescent Strips – Produce non-glaring light. Fixture is small and not bulky.
  • Round Lights – Sturdy and means to look great. Simple installation and easy to repair.
  • Slim Fluorescent Strips – Newer models are more attractive. Simple and easy to wire.
  • LED Strips & Packs – Attractive and reasonably sturdy. Can be strung together.
  • Rope Lighting – Can be installed and hidden making it an invisible type of lighting.

Next you should be thinking about countertops. Good countertops will provide you with a large enough kitchen area that can make cooking a breeze. If you have always dreamed of a granite or stainless steel countertop, then now is the time to get one installed while you’re having renovation done.


Types of Kitchen Counters:

  • Granite – This holds up to heat well and comes in almost 3,000 different colors.
  • Ceramic Tile – Able to take on hot pans and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Stone – Durable and can hold up to knife cuts. Good for not just looks, but cooking.
  • Stainless Steel – just like restaurants have. The countertop is unbreakable and does no damage easily.

For your next kitchen renovation, use Apple Renovation Services. You’ll love their style as it can be applied to your kitchen area. They can do everything from lighting installations to custom cabinets.


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