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A Little Interesting Trivia About Granite For Home Remodeling

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If you are looking at granite for home remodeling in South Lyon, you may be interested in some different facts about the material. For instance, did you know that granite is porous? Some people mistakenly believe it is not.

Granite is very similar to marble and quartz in a lot of ways and makes wonderful new kitchen countertops, tops for bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, and hearths, and is also excellent for outdoor kitchens because it is a hard, durable material.

It’s second to diamonds in hardness, which means the diamond is the only other natural stone material that can cut it. But, it is porous as is all natural stone. It must be sealed for protection after it is installed or it will stain.

Here are some other interesting, facts about granite from our South Lyons Home Remodeling Contractors at Apple Renovation Services.

Granite Compared To Other Materials

Granite is quite a bit different looking than marble or quartz because it’s much more grainy in appearance. It’s a coarse-grained structure comprised of mainly feldspar, quartz, mica, and amphibole minerals that interlock together forming the lighter colors that are formed throughout the material.

Granite is commonly white, pink, or gray but can also be green. It is an extremely dense material and is found in huge, massive quantities in the earth. It is found just about everywhere as it is widely distributed throughout the earth’s crust.

The climate variations where granite is found influence the rate, or length of time, that it takes to form. And mineral content can affect the color. You’ll mostly find very natural looking, soft complementary colors that are always classic but there are some wild-looking granite formations that are very unique.

Granite for Your New Kitchen Countertops

If you are thinking about granite for your kitchen countertops, you’ll have a lot of options because even with similar colors you’ll never get two slabs that look alike, even when taken from the same quarry.

Rich in color and durability, granite is often the go-to material for new kitchen countertops. The natural stone has outstanding strength and is heat resistant. It draws the eye and can be stunningly beautiful when the right cabinetry and flooring isn’t blended in with similar colors. Contrasting tones and colors can really set off the granite, creating a showpiece of the kitchen countertops.

Granite for Bathroom Vanities

Granite makes a beautiful top for bathroom vanities. Although granite is a porous stone, it is sealed to make it resistant to stains. It is completely heat resistant so setting down a hot curling iron directly on it won’t affect it at all.

Granite is a quality material used in homes and many more people are discovering its usefulness and longevity which make it a great choice because over the long run the material can literally outlast several thousands of years.

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