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Ideas For South Lyon Basement Remodeling

South Lyon Basement Remodeling

If space is limited in your South Lyon home, basement remodeling may be just what you need. Homeowners can capitalize on the space that is currently sitting idle in the basement.

Your basement has walls, foundation, and some type of ceiling structure. This means the basement remodeling project wouldn’t cost as much as an addition.

Basements are often remodeled for extra space. But they are also remodeled for storm sheltering and storage. Most basements are bare and may need to be fully refinished. However, some have access ducts to the heating and cooling system, electrical, and plumbing.

Your basement may need a little work before it can be ready for living space. Some basements have moisture issues that need to be resolved first.

This is why it’s so important to choose an experienced remodeling contractor who can handle any problems correctly. For South Lyon basement remodeling service, call Apple Renovation Services. We can handle it all. Here are some basement remodeling ideas you might like from our experts.

Double-Duty Basement Remodeling Plans

Other than calling a contractor, one of the first steps will be to decide on a design plan. Keep in mind when remodeling your Boston basement that the extra space can serve more that one purpose.

With good planning, you can double-duty the space.

  •  Storage & Play Room
  •  Hobby & Office Space
  •  Man Cave & Entertainment Space
  •  Guest Quarters & Storm Shelter
  •  Home Theater & Band Room

You can design the room so that you and the family can do more than one thing at the same time. With some ideas, the space can be quickly transformed for another purpose temporarily. For instance, you can create both hobby and office space to always use or create entertainment space that is used for guest quarters at times.

Basement Remodeling For The Perfect Storm Shelter

The basement is the perfect place to shelter from a storm. It’s also the perfect place to store emergency supplies. Remodeling can create storage space and sheltering space for you and the family.

Be sure to work shelving into your basement remodeling plans. Whether you store emergency supplies or something else, you’ll love having that space. Stock it with things like:

  •  Canned foods
  •  Dry food
  •  Candles & matches or lighters
  •  Flashlights
  •  Batteries
  •  Radio
  •  Books & board games, cards, etc.
  •  Water
  •  Can opener
  •  Scissors
  •  First-aid supplies
  •  Knife

If you furnish your basement space with large sofas, you can enjoy a cushy spot to sleep if you have to shelter overnight. Keep sleeping bags or blow up mattresses for the kids in the storage area. Also store blankets and pillows nearby.

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More Tips on Basement Remodeling

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