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A Little Interesting Trivia About Granite For Home Remodeling

If you are looking at granite for home remodeling in South Lyon, you may be interested in some different facts about the material. For instance, did you know that granite is porous? Some people mistakenly believe it is not. Granite is very similar to marble and quartz in a lot of ways and makes wonderful… Read More

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Complete Home Renovations – Why Move When You Could Improve?

Some homeowners take on projects like remodeling their kitchen or bathroom. Others, go all out and go for a complete home renovation. However, it leaves some people wondering what the benefits are to opting for a whole house remodeling project. Wouldn’t buying a new home be easier and make more sense at that point? It… Read More

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Ideas For South Lyon Basement Remodeling

If space is limited in your South Lyon home, basement remodeling may be just what you need. Homeowners can capitalize on the space that is currently sitting idle in the basement. Your basement has walls, foundation, and some type of ceiling structure. This means the basement remodeling project wouldn’t cost as much as an addition…. Read More

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Room Additions That Provides a Great Return On Investment

Adding to or remodeling your home is a great way to improve your property and to get more enjoyment out of it. Many remodeling projects and renovations can also increase your home’s value. However, if the main goal of your project is to have a great return on investment (ROI), then you’ll need to carefully… Read More

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How To Create a Budget For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Remodeling your bathroom can be fantastic home improvement project, and you don’t need to spend more than you can afford to get it done. The professional South Lyon remodeling contractors at Apple Renovation Services can help you make sure that you’re able to get the most out of whatever budget you have for project. Improving… Read More

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Five Quick Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Livonia Residents

When you decide to remodel your Livonia bathroom, you should try to consider unique remodeling design solutions that maximize you and your family’s enjoyment of your residence. Too often, homeowners are conservative in their design choices and fail to realize that there are many alternative options to the traditional remodeling design schemes. The professional Livonia… Read More

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Kitchen Renovation – Don’t Leave Common Sense Behind

A kitchen renovation is quite an exciting task to take on. The entire feel of your home can be transformed by remodeling just this one important room in your home. There are several reasons why someone would want to renovate the kitchen. You may just need to update the look. Or maybe your kitchen has… Read More

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Kitchen Renovations in South Lyon

Are you tired of the looks of your current kitchen? Do you need a change due to a lack of space in this room? Well you’ve come to the right place because you’re going to learn a lot about kitchen renovations. A renovation is what will create more space. New cabinetry, for example, will open… Read More

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Tips for Making Your Northville Bathroom Renovations Project Easier

When you are having a bathroom in your home renovated, it is easy for things to spin out of control. As the homeowner, you want your Northville bathroom renovations project to run as smooth as possible. The best way to ensure that your project is completed successfully is to start planning from the very beginning…. Read More

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Flooring Options for a Livonia Bathroom Remodeling Design

Remodeling an entire bathroom comes with several different challenges and tough decisions.  A new bathroom design has to have a new shower, a toilet, a new sink option, new light fixtures, new plumbing and more. Making all of these decisions can get overwhelming and uncomfortable. This is why it is important to research every bathroom… Read More

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